Sunday, 24 November 2019

A Witch's Altar

One of the most basic and simple things that a witch needs, and can easily implement in to their practice, is an altar. The beauty of altars, like most things in witchcraft, is that they can be as simple or as elaborate as an individual wants.

There are no rules, no right or wrongs, no set way in which an altar should be set up, or where it should be.

An altar should suit the witch, the witch's home and the witch's lifestyle; it's entirely up to the witch to make sure that it reflects their own personal practice.

Altars are sacred spaces that are used for setting intentions, celebration and practice. They focus the mind and symbolise personality and spirituality.

A few of you have asked me about the location of my altar. I have actually chosen to use the centre of our dining table. There are several reasons for this. Our table is huge - so there is wasted space in the middle - and it's located in the centre of our home and near to our kitchen, so it's a very practical place. It is also the part of the house where our energy is most abundant - where we relax, where we spend time together, and where we deal with the rich emotions of daily life. For me, this makes this area more sacred, rather than less. It also feels like the most magical room in the house, and for whatever reason I can't envisage having an altar in any other room.

By using the centre of the table in our most used room, we are continually reminded of our connection to the magical world and our spiritual practices. Having our altar on our dining room table means our living space is also decorated with seasonal items, and bears significance when we combine feasting with magical practice, for example our dumb supper at Samhain. I like Autumn the most - our altar has pumpkins and leaves and chestnuts, in amongst our altar paraphernalia.

When my altar candle is lit, it becomes a sacred space. It is where I create, where I ponder, where I will, where I weave.

I'd really like to hear about your altar, if you have one. Why is your altar special to you?

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