Monday, 9 December 2019

Lavender Essential Oil

As a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist I am often asked ‘what’s your favourite oil?’. I suspect that when people ask me that they’re waiting for an exotic answer.
There are so many beautiful smelling oils, with various applications, however there is one oil that is gentle, soothing, and has a myriad of uses: Lavender.

I love Lavender. I use it in the mop bucket, on our bed sheets to aid sleep, on spots (it kills bacteria), and on a tissue in the bottom of our bin to counteract bad smells.

There are so many uses for Lavender!
💜 Add a few drops to a clean cloth and put in your tumble drier - instant fragrance and deodorising.
💜 Use 4-6 drops in a bowl of hot water with a towel over your head as a cold/flu treatment.
💜 Add a few drops to a cotton wool ball and use in your wardrobe as a deterrent to insects and moths.
💜 Put on a splinter to reduce swelling - the splinter will come out more easily.
💜 Use as a perfume - dab behind the ears and on wrists (Lavender and Tea Tree are the only safe oils to use neat on the skin).
💜 Eliminate pet smells from carpets - add to baking soda, sprinkle, leave for 30 minutes, then vacuum.

Lavender might not be the most exciting oil, but it is definitely the most helpful. It is the one oil I can’t live without, and the one that is guaranteed not to be wasted. .

What is your favourite essential oil and why?

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