Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Protective Bell Spell

🛎 Consecrate your bell(s) by passing through the smoke of incense. Use Dragon’s Blood, Cinnamon, or some other protective herb.
🛎 Charge the bell by holding it in your hands. Speak to the bell, telling it of your goal.
🛎 Put the bell in the corner of the room to be protected. You may wish to do this spell before doing other spells - using the bell to protect you in your spell-working room.
🛎 The bell will ring to warn you when danger appears. If you have more than one bell in the room, you will be aware of what direction the danger is coming from.
🛎 If the bell rings be sure to cleanse it and recharge it.
🛎 Repeat the ritual after emergencies, and as maintenance, whenever you feel the bell needs a recharge.

Do you use bells in your magical practice? If so, how?

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