Thursday, 16 January 2020

Dried Lavender

I grow Lavender here on the cemetery in pots, but we can’t grow much, as we don’t have a garden - the cemetery IS our garden. My mum grew this and kindly passed it on for me to use. 

Like Lavender essential oil, there are so many uses for dried Lavender, it’s such a versatile plant.
💜 Sprinkle over floors before sweeping/vacuuming. Your vacuum bag or bin will smell lovely!

💜 Use as an insect/moth/silverfish repellent in wardrobes and cupboards. Hang Lavender bags or make a pomander.

💜 Add to letters and cards for a scented surprise.

💜 Create scented candles by adding dried Lavender and some essential oil to heated wax.

💜 Make Lavender bath salts. Add 1/4 cup dried Lavender to 1 1/4 cups of Epsom Salts, and a few drops of essential oil. Combine and store in a tightly closed jar. Pour into a muslin bag before adding to bath. Keeps 6-9 months in a cool, dark place.

💜 Make Lavender bags. Place in drawers to keep clothes fresh or by your pillow as a sleep aid. Squeeze the bag regularly to refresh the scent.

💜 Lavender bags make great wedding favours. You can coordinate the bag material with your theme. They also make great car air fresheners.

💜 Use in place of rice or paper as wedding confetti. Fragrant, a pretty colour, biodegradable, and perfect to take to a wedding if you’re not sure on the venue rules. Create confetti cones and leave in a basket for your guests on your big day.

💜 Make Lavender infused oil, perfect for restless legs, dry scalps, and itchy bites. Fill a jar half way with dried Lavender. Cover with a carrier oil (I recommend Grapeseed). Cap and store somewhere cool for 4-6 weeks, shaking occasionally. Strain, and use within 9 months to a year.

💜 Use Lavender on stalks for smudge sticks, or loose with other herbs to create incense.

This is just a few ideas; there are many uses for dried Lavender. I will share my recipe for Lavender Salve in the not too distant future. What do you use dried Lavender for?

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