Monday, 27 January 2020

Favourite Witchy Tool

One last challenge before the #witchwithme challenge on Instagram starts properly on 1st February. Today’s prompt is FAVOURITE WITCHY TOOL. 

You might expect me to say runes or wand or some other obvious tool, but for me it’s actually reference books.

Some 6 or so years ago I developed a couple of chronic conditions which really affect my cognitive function. When I am trying to write a ritual or spell and my brain is blank they give me a framework, or when I know what I want 
to say about a particular subject but am struggling to find the words, reading about the subject helps to kick start my brain. When I can’t remember something, I can look it up.
And when I am really having trouble, I can just follow what someone else has written instead.

It used to make me frustrated, but now I just go with the flow. I know that my intention setting and practical spell work are strong enough for this not to matter. And if we’re honest it’s actually no different to referring to a cookbook or dictionary.

As a disabled Witch I am so grateful for books.

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