Friday, 10 January 2020

The Wolf Moon

Are you all ready for the Wolf Moon!?

January’s full moon is named after the howling of hungry wolves who are lamenting the scarcity of food in Midwinter. February brings their breeding season, another reason why wolves are so vocal at the beginning of the year, and why people often associate wolves with January.

The moon has no particular part in the call of wolves, but as they point their face to the sky when they howl, it is no wonder they have been linked to the moon. 

There is some debate over the term ‘Wolf Moon’ - some attribute the name to Native American origin, whereas others insist it is Anglo-Saxon or Germanic in origin. Regardless, the term ‘Wolf Moon’ is certainly very evocative.

This is a great time for starting new projects, personal development, meditation, and focus work. It is also a good time for embracing and dealing with the emotions that are brought to the surface as with any full moon, and for releasing negativity - literally howling at the moon and letting it all go. Let go of bad habits, start on a clean spiritual plate, let go of all that is holding you back; and make intentions for moving forward. It is a time to practice forgiveness - of yourself and others - and for banishing and releasing negativity.

As this full moon is in Cancer, the most emotional of the signs, this will be a particularly emotional time, and you may find your intuition and psychic abilities heightened.

This Super Wolf Moon sees a lunar eclipse, so it is an important one. The full lunar eclipse will give the Supermoon a red glow, creating a phenomenon known as a Blood Moon.

There are lots of very strong energies about, so this is a perfect time for intention setting. I’m hoping for clear skies here tonight.

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