Tuesday, 4 February 2020


Day 4 #witchwithme - COLOUR

You only have to scroll through my Instagram news feed to see that I LOVE colour! Each colour has its own vibration, which is why it’s so important in magic.

The most obvious way to use colour is in candle magic, but these correspondences can be applied to anything within spellwork; ribbons, paper, clothes, etc.
Yellow: disputes, happiness, mental clarity, communication, goals
Pink: love, self-love, friendship, emotions, healing the heart
Green: healing, nature, fertility, abundance, luck, prosperity
Blue: protection, calm, spiritual matters, legal issues, integrity
Red: passion, sex, lust, health, attraction, vitality, strength, courage, fast action
Orange: business, success, justice, opportunity, celebration, positivity
Purple: wisdom, consciousness, spiritual development, psychic ability
Brown: home, animals, stability, family, material goods, pets
Gold: wealth, masculinity, luck, Sun
Silver: intuition, home, dreams, femininity, Moon
Black: protection, banishing, obstacles, decisions
White: purity, peace, higher self, unity, any type of spell, blessings

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