Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Our Handfasting Besom

Day 18 #witchwithme – BESOM

I’m filled with so much joy when I see this picture. This is my lovely friend and Witch-Sister Noelle decorating our hand-fasting besom with Rosemary just before our ceremony at Beltane, 2016. It was such a lovely day, although it was very windy, and absolutely freezing, as it usually is at Avebury Stone Circle. We were hand-fasted by our friend Terry Dobney, the Arch Druid of Avebury.

The best part of the day was ‘Jumping the Broom’ where you jump over the broom together, symbolising the leap from your old life into the new.

I got so caught up in the moment I panicked when I saw the besom at shoulder height - I had totally forgotten that it gets dropped down at the last minute, even though I’ve held the besom myself at others’ handfasting - silly me!

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