Wednesday, 26 February 2020


Day 26 #witchwithme - RESIN

Every region has resins, gums, and sacred herbs that bring them closer to the divine. They have been traded since people first came together. In Egypt, Frankincense was burned at sunrise as an offering to Horus, and Myrrh was burned at midday as an offering to the Sun-God Ra. Both are used today for protection and healing.

Here are some resins and their magical properties:

🥣 Acacia - Prosperity, fertility, healing, spiritual grounding.
🥣 Balsam of Peru - Happiness, aphrodisiac, visualisation.
🥣 Benzoin - Exotic, sensual, astral travel.
🥣 Dammar - Dispels the demons of depression, healing.
🥣 Dragon’s Blood - Dispels negative energy, protective.
🥣 Labdanum - Sensuous, opens the imagination.
🥣 Sandarac - Stimulates creativity, lifts the soul, freshens.
🥣 Storax - Associated with Hecate, dream and astral work.

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