Sunday, 23 February 2020


Day 23 #witchwithme – SALT

“Salt! Salt! I put thee into the fire, and may the person who has bewitched me neither eat, drink, nor sleep, until the spell has been broken”.

In the 19th Century it was believed that the power of a witch could be destroyed by sprinkling salt into the fire nine mornings in succession. Quite how you protected yourself for the first eight days I do not know!

There are many superstitions surrounding salt. For example chucking it over your left shoulder, should you spill any, to avert bad luck.

You can create Black Witches Salt by combining sea salt, charcoal, incense ash and black pepper. Some witches use salt to represent the element of earth as it is a mineral, and some use it to represent water as it has come from the sea.

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