Saturday, 22 February 2020

Star - The Pentagram

Day 22 #witchwithme – STAR

The Pentagram was used in Babylonia and Ancient Greece, and is found in faiths and traditions around the world. Used by many Witches and Wiccans, the pentagram was banned in many US schools in the 1990s because of perceived associations with Satan. This was later found to be a violation of student rights, and they found their way onto pencil cases, bags and notebooks once more.

Despite being such a misunderstood symbol you can find it on several flags around the world; Morocco and Ethiopia’s national flag, and on city flags for Nagasaki (Japan) and Haaksbergen (Netherlands).

In the Chinese tradition the five points represent wood, fire, earth, metal, water; and for those of a Pagan persuasion it is usually earth, air, fire, water and Spirit.

I have both a pentagram and a pentacle (pentagram contained in a circle) tattooed on me; it is an honour to carry these symbols with me at all times.

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