Sunday, 2 February 2020

Sun Sign

Today's #witchwithme prompt over on Instagram is SUN SIGN, so I thought I’d share one of my favourite books; Collins Need to Know - Zodiac Types.

This is such a wonderful book; accurate, easy to digest, and lots of helpful information.

Your star sign - or sun sign, as it’s more accurately known - is the sign the Sun happens to be occupying at the time of your birth. It has a strong bearing on the basic elements of your character, though of course the planets in various
 parts of the zodiac also play a part, too.

This book would suit a beginner; it has a good introduction into Astrological terms, symbols and sun sign tables - however it is valuable to everyone as it has a wealth of information on each of the twelve signs. It is useful for magical work as it details correspondences for each sign - colour, plants, gemstones etc - plus lots of other helpful information. If you’ve wanted to step into Astrology but haven’t been sure where to start this book is for you.

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