Monday, 3 February 2020


Today’s #witchwithme prompt is THORN 

Thorns are protective; they are a defence against predators, and can cut, pierce and draw blood, which gives them powerful energy. Thorn magic is special because it allows for vulnerability whilst establishing a protective boundary. For example, they are useful to those who wish to be available and vulnerable in love again after heartache.

Thorns can be useful in spellworkings to protect, heal, and hex; placing a thorn in a tincture can increase its strength and potency. Long thorns (eg Blackthorn) can be used in place of pins in poppets, which can also be used for healing, love and friendship.

Use thorns with ink to write magical text, carry as a charm, or use to pierce negative ‘bubbles’. There are many plants that possess strong thorn energy: Hawthorn, Rose, Bramble, Blackthorn and Gooseberry to name but a few.

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