Friday, 13 March 2020

Divination and the Clairsenses

WEEK 2 #witchwithme – DIVINATION

I regularly use the tarot and pendulum to ask specific questions, but my best divinatory tool is actually the connection I have to my ‘clairsenses’.

Claircognizance is the strongest clairsense I have, and it is a clear, deep knowing. It is an absolute certainty, I feel something as fact, before it has happened. You could describe it as a ‘gut feeling’ but it’s extremely strong. At least that is how it manifests in me.

I experience it in many ways. I know when someone is going to ‘phone me out of the blue, or if I am going to bump into someone (and sometimes I even know who). I have looked at a house and known it will be ours (despite it being impossible on paper), and two weeks ago I knew I was going to break down in my car. I know how certain people will behave before they do so, without previous suggestion.

My gift is backed up with clear visions (clairvoyance), and occasionally with sound, which can trigger visions and a sense of knowing.

The Clairsenses are:

Clairaudience - auditory guidance in the form of voices, sounds, or even music.

Claircognizance - a clear, deep, intuitive knowing.

Clairsentience - the ability to sense subtle energies that surround you in an environment and glean information from them.

Clairvoyance - sometimes called ‘second sight’; a way of divining information through visions, dreaming, or other visual perception. Your intuition speaking through your sense of ‘inner sight’.

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