Wednesday, 18 March 2020

The Earth is Wounded

The Earth is wounded... we‘ve been hurting her for so long now. She is crying out, attempting to heal. Storms, floods, fires, viruses. We have been given so many warnings to change our ways.

We are now being asked to unplug and reboot for our own healing. We are being forced to simplify our lives, to disconnect from the way things are, to get out into nature, to spend time hunkered down in our homes, with those closest to us.

Despite the worry and the fear, the loss and the 
heart ache, there will be blessings to be found, too. Kindness and co-operation, a smile between strangers... We will find new ways to entertain ourselves, to sustain ourselves - a new ability to find beauty in the small things. Joy in reading, writing, drawing, cooking. Moving to music, fresh air, birdsong - all will be appreciated with fresh new eyes.

I think we’re on the cusp of something huge - more love, more compassion, more cooperation, more appreciation, more joy. A brave new world.

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