Monday, 2 March 2020

What my Craft means to me.

WEEK 2 #witchwithme - THAT WITCH
I was asked yesterday what my craft means to me. Quite simply, it is who I am, the way I live, and how I express myself. It is not lost on me how lucky I am to be living in a time where I can be myself.

The Great Scottish Witch Hunt of 1597 saw 400 people on trial; about 200 were executed. There were to be more Scottish witch hunts during 1628-1631, 1649-1650, and 1661-1662.

Between 1644 and 1646 English ‘witch finder’ Matthew Hopkins was responsible for the execution of 300 alleged witches. The Salem Witch Trials (starting 1st March 1692) saw more than 200 men and women accused. Nineteen were hanged, one pressed to death, and at least four more died in the unbearable conditions of the jail, before being thrown into shallow graves.

I leave the names of the Salem Witch Trial victims here, and ask you to spare a thought for these poor people:

Bridget Bishop - Rebecca Nurse - Sarah Good - Susannah Martin - Elizabeth Howe - Sarah Wildes - George Burroughs - Martha Carrier - John Willard - George Jacobs Snr. - John Proctor - Martha Corey - Mary Eastey - Ann Pudeator - Alice Parker - Mary Parker - Wilmott Red - Margaret Scott - Samuel Wardwell - Giles Corey - Lydia Dustin - Ann Foster - Sarah Osborne - Roger Toothaker.

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