Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Witchy Beauty Ritual

The other day someone asked me if I have a witchy beauty regime or ritual, and I do, so I thought I’d share.

Each night I cleanse my face with these crocheted face pads. They were made for me by a friend and they’re brilliant because you just throw them in the washing machine; they’re so much better for the environment than cotton pads.

When I get up to my room I sit on the edge of my bed and brush my hair with this beautiful comb my husband gave me. This is quite a feat in the winter because with thick stone walls and no heating it’s fricking cold!! But as I am combing I visualise any negativities from the day being removed, any negative thoughts or energies being sent from others being removed, and I keep going until I am happy.

Once I am done I apply R&B Hair Moisturiser by Lush, which I visualise as a protective barrier (I have blessed it), which smells amazing! I am now ready to get into bed, snuggle up with my husband, and dream sweet dreams.

Do you have a daily or nightly ritual?

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