Monday, 27 April 2020

Beltane Preparations

The days leading up to Beltane are my favourite. As you can see from the colour of my stone walls, the Sun is now warm again; the balance has been tipped, the days now longer than the nights.

I now have energy to spare! The warmth of the Sun does wonders for me, and I usually spend this special time making preparations. We usually go away for Beltane, back home to Hampshire to celebrate with friends, but due to Coronavirus, this year will be different.

My preparations usually
 involve Spring cleaning, potting-up Summer bedding plants, sorting and tidying our home, visiting the local Sheela-na-Gig, and getting ready to travel down South.

This year we will have a local walk, a foraged meal, and a fire at home.

Other ways to prep for and celebrate Beltane are:

Decorate your altar, make a flower crown, dance the Maypole, visit sacred wells and springs, find wild spaces to connect with the Fae, hang ribbons in trees, spend time with the Hawthorn.

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