Sunday, 26 April 2020

Flower Magic

For hundreds of years flowers have been used in magic. Now that Spring is here (at least in the UK!) many flowers are blooming, or are about to bloom.

You can mix up flowers and create a magical combination, depending on your purpose and intent. Here are some flower magic correspondences.

Apple Blossom - Associated with immortality.
Crocus - New love, good for enhancing visions and intuitive dreaming.
Lesser Celandine - Psychic ability. Associated with the Sun, Artemis and Scorpio.
Daffodil - Strong connection to love. Associated with fertility, luck, and abundance. Also connected to Hades and death.
Hellebore - For spells/rituals for healing mental or emotional issues. Banishing, exorcisms. For intelligence, protection, and invisibility spells.
Dandelion - Positive change, divination, drawing good energy in.
Hyacinth - Abundance, luxury, attracting gifts, charm, irresistibility, glamour, influence, granting wishes, and chasing away bad dreams.
Lilac - Flirtation, new love, short-term attractions. Banishing, getting rid of negative energies. For jump-starting your life or a project.
Pansy - Attract new love, and strengthen and deepen existing love. Aids focus, helps you find direction. Use it in rain spells. Rebirth, love, divination, curses.
Tulip - prosperity, offers flexibility by using in colour magic.

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