Monday, 18 May 2020

The Element of Air in the Home

The element of Air is said to represent life, purity, and harmony. It is connected to the mind, wisdom, spirits, and the soul. With these in mind, when I think of Air, I think of the home.

You can incorporate the element of Air in your home decor. Windows should be large and unobstructed, allowing air and light in. Colour schemes should include pale yellows and whites.

Plants associated with Air are traditionally Anise, Birch, Cedar (due to the aroma), Lemongrass, Pansy, Primrose and Violet. Whilst it’s not possible to grow many of these indoors, you could display paintings or sketches instead. Flags are also physical representations of the air - these can be a magical addition to any home. Crystals associated with Air are aesthetically pleasing, and create a beautiful energy - try Citrine, Labradorite, Topaz, and Moonstone.

Smudging 💨 The leaves will release a thick smoke (you may open windows!), allow it to linger.
Herbs 🌿 Smudging is not limited to White Sage. Eucalyptus, Lavender, Cedar, Palo Santo, Rosemary and Mugwort are alternative herbs you can burn, and there are many mixed-herb smudging bundles available.
Incense 🔥There are many types of incense - stick, cone, dhoop, loose hand-blended, and more. They cleanse and change (or charge) the atmosphere and add fragrance.
Clapping 👏🏼 The air caught between your hands causes a loud noise that cleanses. Stand in the middle of the room facing the window. Pull your arms back and pull the negative energy into the clap. Visualise any straggly bits of negative energy exiting through the window. Repeat until until the energy is clear, and shut the window if you have opened it.
Windchimes 🛎 Windchimes or bells hung by an open window consistently cleanse the room with their soft chimes. Hang bells or windchimes in the garden to keep social or dining areas fresh.
Opening doors and windows 💨 My personal favourite. I open doors and windows throughout the whole of the house and allow the air to flow through, usually whilst I am cleaning.

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