Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Courage - what does it mean?


Today’s topic is “courage”, which is defined as “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain etc. without fear; bravery.”

But what else is courage? I spent some time thinking about this in relation to my life and craft.

I decided that, for me, courage is:
✨ being your authentic self.
✨ acting in accordance with your beliefs, especially in the face of criticism.
✨ being honest with yourself, and others.
✨ stepping out of your comfort zone; trying new things without fear of failure.
✨ commitment to the development of oneself; undertaking Shadow Work.
✨ dedication to your path.
✨ having integrity.
✨ knowing and accepting there aren’t enough lifetimes to learn all is there is to know, and being ok with that.
✨ loving, honouring, and respecting yourself, the way we do others.

What do you think courage is?

Some magical correspondences for courage:
HERBS - borage, Rosemary, yarrow.
CRYSTALS - carnelian, bloodstone, aquamarine.
COLOURS - red, dark red.
FLOWERS - edelweiss, protea, thyme.
DEITIES - Athena (Greek), Bellona (Roman), Inanna (Sumerian).
ANIMALS - buffalo, lion, wolf.

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