Saturday, 25 July 2020

The Wisdom of Land Wights

Today I wanted to talk about finding and identifying herbs and plants, and gaining other local wisdom, in relation to land wights.

Land wights are the unique spirits that reside in each herb, plant, rock, crystal, mineral, animal, and stone. Collectively, they form the genius loci; the living, breathing, spirit of a place.

I moved to this area a year and a half ago, and felt instantly connected from Day 1, despite growing up several hours away. A recent genealogical DNA test has revealed that despite no family living here, my ancestors originate from here. Now here’s where it gets interesting.

Since moving here, I am being imparted with wisdom. Whilst I am fascinated by foraging and herbalism, I am by no means an expert. Weirdly, when I am travelling through the countryside I am being magnetically pulled to certain plants, which I am intuitively identifying. When I get home and research I find out I‘m correct! This has happened twice in the last week alone. I am also getting ‘the feels’ that a particular herb or plant is nearby, and sure enough it is. Last week we came across a small body of water which I was ‘told’, by some inner knowing, was a Canal. My husband who grew up here insisted it wasn’t, but my research revealed that this stretch of water was the last part of a Canal that was built in 1802, and has since been filled in except for the part we had found.

I feel like the land, and the spirits that reside within the land, are revealing themselves to me, furthering my education. It is a truly magical feeling.

Is this wisdom coming from the land wights? I know I am totally honoured if that’s the case, but it does feel that way.

Have you ever felt instantly connected to a place? Did it reveal its secrets to you? Have you experienced what I am? 

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