Sunday, 30 August 2020

Daily Card Reading

When this card shows up it’s usually an indication that you’re extremely busy; juggling lots of balls at the same time. But let’s look a little deeper... what exactly are you juggling? Is it just a busy work and social life, or are you also juggling the thoughts, opinions, and expectations of yourself and others? Is it time to schedule in some self-care? Or even take a step back altogether? Do you need to make changes? Or is your current position sustainable? Whatever the situation, this is your reminder to keep an eye on the ball.

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Deck: The After Tarot 

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Talking to the Trees

Today’s prompt over at is Tree Magick, and I’m going to bare my soul again by telling you a very personal story about a tree.

Now, it’s not the tree in the picture - which is a sequoiadendron giganteum, or “Wellingtonia”, which stands proudly in our cemetery - but a beautiful Oak tree I met at a sacred site, many moons ago.

I say “met” - and this is where it gets interesting - because the tree spoke to me.

Before I go any further, I’d like to point out that I know this story will sound far-fetched to some (though probably not you guys), and that omitting certain details detracts from its credibility; but I must recall it in the way that feels right.

I was visiting a hill fort at a particularly difficult time in my life, but as is normal for me, I was enjoying my trip and making the most of the day I had been gifted. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and despite things being tricky, I was otherwise enjoying life.

My then-partner wandered off to look at something, and I made my way over to the most beautiful of Oaks; I wanted to stand beneath it, touch its bark, and ‘connect in’ with this majestic being.

I held the tree, and in my mind asked the tree what I should about my current situation.

I never expected an answer...

It was at once the voice in my mind, but the voice of something - someone - else, too.

I decided my imagination was playing tricks on me, but was aware that there was no way I could think and talk inside my mind at the same time.

I did what I think anyone else would do, and I asked their name. Please do not ask me the name, because I have promised to keep it a secret.

When I got home I was shocked to discover that I cannot find anything under that name on Google.

We conversed a little longer, but not wanting to be greedy or “push my luck” I thanked the tree for its insight, and ended the conversation. I stayed a little longer under the tree, happy but stunned, before moving on. An experience I will ever forget.

Has anything unexpected like that ever happened to you?

Monday, 24 August 2020

Daily Card Reading

The Stag is a powerful, graceful, and  noble creature. He is King of the Forest, and stands strong in his power. It is time for you to embody the spirit of the Stag; it is time for you to come alive and thrive. Trust in your skills and the gifts you have to offer. Be confident. You can only meet your full potential when you stand in your glory.

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Deck: Angels & Ancestors Oracle 

Saturday, 22 August 2020

The Witch’s Stang

You don’t need many - or any - tools for working successful magic, and there are very few tools I am attached to, but I love my stang.

Throughout the ages, characters of a magickal, spiritual, or religious nature have often been depicted with a staff of some kind. As well as being a magickal tool, and a weapon for self-defence; it acts practically as a support.

The stang can be made of any type of wood, and they can be large or small. The traditional witch projects their power out their body through the stang. As well as being taken out on lovely walks to absorb the energy of the land, they are primarily used for casting spells, as a conduit for calling up spirits and deities, for laying a compass - the traditional witch’s ritual circle - and as a bridge between worlds.

This stang is from our local woods, and as such it helps me connect to the magic of our Earth through the local landscape. Despite being an open person I am also quite private, so I debated on whether to share such a personal item or not!

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Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Appropriate attitudes for ritual and spellcasting

Following on from another post, I want to discuss the attitudes and beliefs I believe crucial for spell casting and ritual.

I believe having integrity is very important as a magickal person. If we do not keep our word and follow through in our ordinary lives, how are we to believe in our words and actions during workings; and follow them through to spellcasting success, in our magickal lives? I believe that if we behave poorly, and without honour, we risk straying into dangerous territory with our magick.

Our words are magick, which is why it’s called ‘spelling.’ If our words mean nothing - that is, we don’t do the things we promise, or we are careless with them - then how can we successfully apply words and language to our spellcasting, especially in the form of incantations and chants? If there is no truth in the words we speak, and they have a low vibration energetically, then how can we expect to use those words to do our bidding and manifest energetically in our spellwork? Words have their own vibration; pick them, and use them, carefully.

Following on from the Magician’s rule ‘to will’. As well as our intention and determination to create, there has to be absolute belief in ourselves. When I set my mind to something, whether it be magickal or mundane, I have absolute belief in myself, and my ability. There is no space for anything else. If I do fail at something I simply acknowledge the reason why, and believe that next time I will succeed.

It is important to love ourselves. We are as we are meant to be. We have to embrace the darker half and the lighter half, if indeed we are to be whole. If we understand there’s magick, and we can create it, then we must be magickal, too! Which is surely worthy of love? We are each our own priest or priestess; and to hold ourselves in a divine and sacred way when we are expressing ourselves magickally - ie spellcasting - means we need to love ourselves. Hold your head high, and work your magic.

Wunjo - joy, happiness, wellbeing, success
Jera - harvest, reward, natural cycles, fruition, fertility, growth
Mannaz - the self, intelligence, support, humanity
Elhaz - (on its side) divination, health and healing, foster spiritual awareness,  clarity
Nauthiz - need, necessity, have patience 

Monday, 17 August 2020

Daily Card Reading

Setting boundaries can be exhausting, but ultimately, it’s a form of self-care. Boundaries are guidelines, rules, or limits that you create to identify reasonable ways for other people to behave towards you, and how you will respond if someone crosses the line. When you respect and value yourself enough to say ‘no’, or to not respond when others try to manipulate you, you make it clear what you will and won’t tolerate. Indeed, the only people likely to get upset by you drawing boundaries are the people most likely to benefit from you not having any. So if you‘ve been questioning the boundaries you have recently put in place; don’t. You owe it to yourself - and others - to stand by them.

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Saturday, 15 August 2020

Daily Card Reading

Confusing fact with fiction can get you into all sorts of hot water. Try to look at things objectively - and don’t allow fear or wishful thinking cloud your vision. Listen to your conscience and intuition - both will guide you.

Deck: Wisdom of Trees Oracle

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Friday, 14 August 2020

Daily Card Reading

Life is about to shift, and your beliefs are about be turned on their head. The destruction and chaos of the Tower can’t be avoided, but the way you deal with upheaval is something you can always prepare for. With change of circumstance there is always the option to create something new, something better. You can assess and reflect, and move a step closer to your ideals. Even in the rubble and ashes there is opportunity.

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Deck: The After Tarot 

Thursday, 13 August 2020

Magickal Tools: The Mind

It’s Tools Week over at and so I thought I’d talk about the most important tool of all: the mind.

Whilst tools can be super helpful for setting mindset in certain types of magick, or for ritual purpose, and certainly a necessity within certain traditions; a disciplined witch can create magick with her mind alone.

Whilst pondering over tools, the mind, and magickal practise, the “Magician’s rule” sprang to mind: “to know, to will, to dare, to keep silent.”

To know: knowing exactly what we want, and getting clear on magickal intention, so that unwanted effects may be avoided. We must also know our true selves before we can know our true paths, and we must understand that a spiritual journey of learning is never-ending.

To will: the understanding that we must apply the full force of our being to our magickal intentions, without fear or doubt, to bring about the changes we seek. Our “will” is the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional energy that we direct at our goals, to the exclusion of all other thoughts. It is our determination for a cause, and our dedication to it.

To dare: putting our thoughts and intentions into actual action - getting organised, and making it happen. Preparing mentally for the outcome, as well as preparing physically to undertake the work. Daring to manifest what we desire.

To keep silent: there are several parts to “to keep silent” but in terms of working magick and using the mind as a tool, this refers to not diluting the energy of your magickal workings by discussing them. I like to keep focus by keeping shtum.

I think it is important for magickal practitioners to have certain attitudes, beliefs, and ways of thinking to benefit them in their magickal practise, but that is a post for another day.

What is your favourite magickal tool?

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Daily Card Reading

Time for peace. Even if it’s just a few minutes a day, it’s such an important part of self-care. Go outside and immerse yourself in nature, strip off your shoes and socks, ground and connect with the Earth. Daydream out the window. Go for a walk and count the number of different flowers you see. Read a book. Make it a priority to take a quiet moment each day; your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it.

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Deck: Wisdom of Trees Oracle 

Wednesday, 5 August 2020



Solanum dulcamara

This nightshade - also known as woody nightshade, scarlet berry, felonwood, poisonflower, blue bindweed, snakeberry, and many other names! - is one of the less toxic plants in the nightshade group, although it’s berries are still poisonous.

It’s a perennial woodland herb that grows on other plants for support, and its name ‘Solanum’ comes from the same Latin root word as ‘solace’.

Traditionally gathered at Samhain when its berries are bright red, it is used to honour the dead, and in rituals involving the spirit realm or death.

It aids power to spells done on the Dark Moon, is good for banishing, and is a useful aid in working with the Law of Attraction. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Daily Card Reading

Do you have a ‘lack mindset’? Are you sabotaging opportunities, and therefore your ability to create success and abundance? If so, why? If you are, it is time to work out or examine the reasons why. It‘s time to shift your mindset, and the energy you surround yourself with, to something more positive. It‘s ok to be successful, it’s ok to achieve, and it‘s ok to have good things if they come your way.

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Monday, 3 August 2020

Altar Dressing

I love the idea of lots of mini altars around the home; small spaces for reflection, meditation, worship, and contemplation.

Beautiful and thoughtful places, which you can dress for different seasons, themes, emotions, elements, colours, deities, intentions, or rituals.

The altar is one of the places we can get truly creative with; as well as a place for veneration and dedication they should be a source of inspiration.

I love the fact that, like people, no two altars are ever the same.

I’m looking forward to dressing my altar tonight ahead of my Full Moon ritual and petitions. May you have a beautiful and blessed Barley Moon.

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Daily Card Reading

A perfect card for Lughnasadh, the Lady appears when growth and abundance are imminent. The seeds that you have so carefully planted and tended are coming to life, and you are starting to reap the rewards. She indicates success, growth, happiness, and fertility - an auspicious card indeed.

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Deck: Angels & Ancestors 

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Lughnasadh Blessings

A blessed Lughnasadh everyone!

The first of three harvests, this time of year feels somewhat paradoxical; the Sun is at its zenith, but waning. The crops have reached their peak, but will soon be cut. The bounty of our land is at full swing, but soon it will be winter. This is a time of great abundance, but also loss.

It’s a time to give thanks; a time to reap what you have sown, literally and metaphorically, and to celebrate and share what you have achieved.

I baked my own recipe ~ Wren’s Lughnasadh Bread 🌾 ~ to celebrate this special sabbat. Whilst I kneaded it, I reflected on what I have achieved this year, and what seeds I would like to sow for next year. I kneaded in my intentions.

This recipe will be available in the Lughnasadh (August) issue of Witchology Magazine @witchologymag - so be sure to check it out.

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Daily Card Reading

You are feeling a sense of accomplishment! And quite rightly so. You have worked hard for your achievements, and you are creating something solid and sustainable for the future. What next? It’s a good question. It’s always wise to keep planning and developing and striding for success, but in the meantime it’s time to celebrate what you have achieved. Enjoy!

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