Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Appropriate attitudes for ritual and spellcasting


Following on from another post, I want to discuss the attitudes and beliefs I believe crucial for spell casting and ritual.

I believe having integrity is very important as a magickal person. If we do not keep our word and follow through in our ordinary lives, how are we to believe in our words and actions during workings; and follow them through to spellcasting success, in our magickal lives? I believe that if we behave poorly, and without honour, we risk straying into dangerous territory with our magick.

Our words are magick, which is why it’s called ‘spelling.’ If our words mean nothing - that is, we don’t do the things we promise, or we are careless with them - then how can we successfully apply words and language to our spellcasting, especially in the form of incantations and chants? If there is no truth in the words we speak, and they have a low vibration energetically, then how can we expect to use those words to do our bidding and manifest energetically in our spellwork? Words have their own vibration; pick them, and use them, carefully.

Following on from the Magician’s rule ‘to will’. As well as our intention and determination to create, there has to be absolute belief in ourselves. When I set my mind to something, whether it be magickal or mundane, I have absolute belief in myself, and my ability. There is no space for anything else. If I do fail at something I simply acknowledge the reason why, and believe that next time I will succeed.

It is important to love ourselves. We are as we are meant to be. We have to embrace the darker half and the lighter half, if indeed we are to be whole. If we understand there’s magick, and we can create it, then we must be magickal, too! Which is surely worthy of love? We are each our own priest or priestess; and to hold ourselves in a divine and sacred way when we are expressing ourselves magickally - ie spellcasting - means we need to love ourselves. Hold your head high, and work your magic.

Wunjo - joy, happiness, wellbeing, success
Jera - harvest, reward, natural cycles, fruition, fertility, growth
Mannaz - the self, intelligence, support, humanity
Elhaz - (on its side) divination, health and healing, foster spiritual awareness,  clarity
Nauthiz - need, necessity, have patience 

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