Thursday, 13 August 2020

Magickal Tools: The Mind

It’s Tools Week over at and so I thought I’d talk about the most important tool of all: the mind.

Whilst tools can be super helpful for setting mindset in certain types of magick, or for ritual purpose, and certainly a necessity within certain traditions; a disciplined witch can create magick with her mind alone.

Whilst pondering over tools, the mind, and magickal practise, the “Magician’s rule” sprang to mind: “to know, to will, to dare, to keep silent.”

To know: knowing exactly what we want, and getting clear on magickal intention, so that unwanted effects may be avoided. We must also know our true selves before we can know our true paths, and we must understand that a spiritual journey of learning is never-ending.

To will: the understanding that we must apply the full force of our being to our magickal intentions, without fear or doubt, to bring about the changes we seek. Our “will” is the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional energy that we direct at our goals, to the exclusion of all other thoughts. It is our determination for a cause, and our dedication to it.

To dare: putting our thoughts and intentions into actual action - getting organised, and making it happen. Preparing mentally for the outcome, as well as preparing physically to undertake the work. Daring to manifest what we desire.

To keep silent: there are several parts to “to keep silent” but in terms of working magick and using the mind as a tool, this refers to not diluting the energy of your magickal workings by discussing them. I like to keep focus by keeping shtum.

I think it is important for magickal practitioners to have certain attitudes, beliefs, and ways of thinking to benefit them in their magickal practise, but that is a post for another day.

What is your favourite magickal tool?

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