Saturday, 22 August 2020

The Witch’s Stang

You don’t need many - or any - tools for working successful magic, and there are very few tools I am attached to, but I love my stang.

Throughout the ages, characters of a magickal, spiritual, or religious nature have often been depicted with a staff of some kind. As well as being a magickal tool, and a weapon for self-defence; it acts practically as a support.

The stang can be made of any type of wood, and they can be large or small. The traditional witch projects their power out their body through the stang. As well as being taken out on lovely walks to absorb the energy of the land, they are primarily used for casting spells, as a conduit for calling up spirits and deities, for laying a compass - the traditional witch’s ritual circle - and as a bridge between worlds.

This stang is from our local woods, and as such it helps me connect to the magic of our Earth through the local landscape. Despite being an open person I am also quite private, so I debated on whether to share such a personal item or not!

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