Friday, 25 September 2020

All Hail the Blackberry!

One of the best things about the arrival of autumn is BLACKBERRIES! I’m always overtaken with an urge to create from the hedgerows at this time of year, it must be survival instinct to prepare for winter.

The Bramble (Muin) rules over the 10th lunar month in the Celtic Ogham - 2nd-29th September. (Some sources replace Muin with Vine.)

I love Blackberry, she is very direct, and firm in her demand for respect. And it’s not just her brambles! I got stung by intertwining nettles when picking these.

Bramble is used in healing, money, and divination magic - use leaf, thorn, and twig in mojo bags and charms. Bramble is also very good for prosperity magic in relation to wellbeing - for food, shelter, and creative endeavours related to financial success.

There is an abundance of Bramble stories and lore. Some say that as Blackberries ripen, their colour represents aspects of the Triple Goddess: first green (Maiden), then red (Mother), and then black (Crone).

Some say Brambles offer protection against vampires. Planted near the home the vampire will be distracted, obsessively counting the berries and forgetting what he is about!

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