Thursday, 3 September 2020

Finding Witchcraft

Am I a Witch?

Back in June we had a bit of fun creating a list of common signs or characteristics that many witches seem to have:

• Curious • Intuitive • Creative • Empathic • Feeling different • Nature lover • Energy worker • Old Soul (but young at heart) • Love for the Moon • Interest in plants/natural remedies • Devoted to a magical life •

This, and’s topic “Am I a Witch?” got me thinking about the actual moment I was called to witchcraft.

I was 12 or 13, poking around in my parents’ loft, and found a box of interesting looking books that were meant for sale. The book that really caught my eye was Cult & Occult, a guide to occult practices.

I rescued it from its Car-boot fate, and immersed myself in dowsing, secrets of the Zodiac, psychical research, astrology, numerology, geomancy - but it was the section on witchcraft that really caught my eye.

What further piqued my interest was a school trip shortly after to Avebury Stone Circle and West Kennet Long Barrow; whereby I was gripped by a strong and beautiful energy that whipped this otherwise well-behaved school girl into a whirling dervish of excitement. Between these two experiences I realised there was a whole other world out there full of magic, mystery, and tradition.

Whilst I can’t remember the exact moment I called myself a Witch, I am lucky to remember the defining moment I stumbled across witchcraft, and my parents let me keep the book, which I still treasure 27 yeas later. No other item has had such an impact on my life.

Do you embody many of the traits I’ve listed? Do you remember the moment you discovered your path?

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