Sunday, 13 September 2020

Folklore and the Lincoln Imp.

As a traditional witch, folklore plays a major part of my tradition. We look at stories of folklore as a means of learning more about our ancestors, their lives, their beliefs, and the magic they used. Whilst this folklore may not represent complete (or historical) truth, it helps build a foundation for our practices, and brings meaning to our lives. These stories are a part of our heritage; and are woven into our modern methods, practices, and celebrations.

I live in an area that borders Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, and Leicestershire, so my research into local folklore is extended to within these areas. One of the characters I love is the Lincoln Imp, as seen on this caddy spoon. (For those who don’t know what caddy spoons are, they were used to measure tea at a time when tea was very expensive).

According to 14th-century legend, two imps were sent by Satan to do his bidding on Earth. After causing havoc in Northern England, the imps went to Lincoln Cathedral, whereby they smashed up the place, and tripped up the bishop. One of the imps threw rocks at an angel, the other cowered under the broken furniture. The angel turned the first imp to stone, immortalised forever in the Cathedral. Whilst this was happening, the other imp managed to escape. According to one legend, this imp made it to Grimsby, whereby it continued this raucous behaviour at St. James’ Church. The angel reappeared, gave the imp a good hiding, and turned it to stone. You can see the imp holding on to its sore bottom at this church, and is known as the Grimsby Imp.

I love these stories. I will be sharing more with you later.

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