Monday, 7 September 2020

Reviewing Gaya Candles

I was really lucky to be gifted some candles to try from @gaya.candles. They are a company based in Glasgow who create “hand made candles infused with specific herbs, flowers, scents, and spices, selected for their magical properties for wealth, love, and health.” Look how beautiful they are!

Gaya explained to me that she burns the green Patchouli & Bergamot “Prosperity” candle in dedication to the Goddess Abundia; this candle has been created to bring financial wealth into the home or business. I have to say that this has THE MOST beautiful fragrance, and I’m super impressed that the scent continues to linger, unlike other scented candles I have tried. As an Aromatherapist, I can truly appreciate the craftswoman ship and expertise that has gone into creating this, and I’ll definitely be buying another once this one has burned.

Next up is the Rose Gold “Nirvana” Soy Tin Candle, which is a premium soy wax candle housed in a beautiful metal tin. It carries the gentle scent of Sandalwood, Rose, & Geranium.

The beautiful and simple labels on these candles really appeals to me, and the tissue paper wrapped and wax sealed wrappings of the pillar candles was such a beautiful touch.

The largest candle, a “Goddess Morrigan Candle” is so beautiful. As a colour lover this really impressed me - it is a dreamy metallic and glittery gold which fades and blends down into a dark berry red. Gaya also offers a Goddess Hecate candle and a Goddess Isis candle. I have placed this candle in my Goddess-themed bathroom, where I hope the feel-good energies I’m getting from it will be impressed upon my daughters, two of which are about to enter those awkward teenage years.

These are seriously beautiful candles and I would encourage you to check out Gaya’s page and website. You can tell that her creations have been created from the heart; each piece has been so lovingly thought out. Even just handling these candles and looking at the website has filled me with inspiration, which has given me a push to get my own shop (not candles!) sorted and finished.

If you’re a candle lover (who isn’t a candle lover?!) take a look at this beautiful range. 💕

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