Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Witchy Resources - Garden of Chthonia


Two of my favourite resources on Instagram are the pages run by the lovely Lizzie.

A huge amount of interesting, in-depth, and inspiring information can be found on Lizzie’s Folk Herbalism page ~ @the_wortcunning_wyfe ~ alongside lots of beautiful close ups of the herbs and plants she is talking about. I have learned so much, and her page is an absolute joy!

Over on Lizzie’s other account ~ @gardenofchthonia ~ you can find website details for her amazing lotions and potions. https://www.gardenofchthonia.com/

I have been a customer of Lizzie’s for a while now. In a bid to reduce our plastic waste we switched over to soap bars for washing our hands and showering some years ago, and after trying sooooo many soaps in that time, I can honestly say that Lizzie’s are the best.

I thoroughly recommend that you check out both pages, which are a wealth of information, and take a peek at Lizzie’s website, too.

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