Monday, 5 October 2020

Gather the Witches - Online Samhain Event

Samhain is not cancelled! Join me and a host of other witchy presenters at this fabulous online event curated and hosted by Witch With Me -

I shall be inviting you into my cemetery home and cooking up a Samhain storm! Join me at Gather the Witches to find out more!

The price of the ticket not only gives you access to all the presentations during the event and forever afterwards, but you’ll also have access to live Q&A sessions with the presenters throughout the weekend, plus access to a live tarot parlour.

This event is being held in support of The Temple of Witchcraft (@temple_of_witchcraft), so by joining us for a weekend of Samhain celebrations you’ll not only be having a great time, but you’ll also be doing your bit for the witchcraft community.

Go to the Witch With Me website for tickets.

See you at Samhain, Witches!

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