Monday, 26 October 2020

Graveminding Ritual

A graveminding ritual is one that anyone can undertake, regardless of spirituality or religion. It is purely about connecting in with, and venerating, the dead, and holding space for them.

Graves are often left unattended and unvisited for long periods of time, so caught up are we in the busy hamster-wheel of life, so Samhain is the perfect time to carry out this special visit.

For this ceremony you will need:
🌿 Gardening and cleaning equipment; a water bottle spray, gentle soap, and a cloth
🌸 Flowers/floral tributes
🕯 Candle
🍪 Cakes, cookies, or biscuits

On your way to the cemetery bring your beloved dead in to your mind, and think about the time you shared together, or the role they played within your life. Recall memories you have of them, and picture them in your mind’s eye if at all possible.

When you arrive at the grave spend time cleaning it and clearing away any dead grass or foliage. When you are ready, leave your tributes, saying a few words if you wish. If there are others with you allow them to do the same.

Light the candle, and imagine that your connection with them is represented by the flickering flame. Appreciate that their memory will always burn in you.

Stay here for some time in quiet meditation and contemplation. Partake in food and drink and if there are others with you you may wish to share stories, poems, readings, or songs. Say these words:

As the veils of Samhain fall, 
Sense this light, hear my call,
Blessed dead in earthly tomb, 
Your memory in me abloom.

You may wish to spend the whole day undertaking this pilgrimage, and if the grave of your loved one is far away, or it takes a lot of cleaning and clearing up, then it is entirely possible it may do so.

Leave the candle burning if you can, if the cemetery authorities allow it.

🎃 Graveminding ritual taken from The Journey into Spirit by Kristoffer Hughes.

© Original content; repost with clear, written credits. @the_cemetery_witch

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