Friday, 16 October 2020

New Moon Bath Magic

The New Moon is associated with new beginnings, reflection, introspection, gaining clarity, and starting projects.

It’s a great opportunity to cleanse and ready yourself for these new opportunities, and for the next part of the lunar cycle.

Water and salt are both cleansing, and if you have a bath tub in your home then you have, in effect, got an extremely large cauldron(!), so bath magick is perfect for the New Moon.

Himalayan salt is perfect for bath rituals, but if you don’t have any, any bath salts will do. Aim for a 1% salt solution.

Prepare your bathroom, and whilst the bath is running think about the things you’d like to call into your life in the coming weeks and month. Write a list, then spend some time visualising them happening. Make the intention that before these things can happen any negativity or blocks must be washed away.

Get into the bath and make a mental note of how you feel. Feel the heat, the silkiness of the salt in the water against your skin, the flicker of candles, the aromas you may smell. When you are ready, imagine past traumas, bad habits, unhelpful or negative thought patterns, and any hurt you may have experienced which may be holding you back wishing off you, and disappearing down the plughole. When you do pull the plug, again, imagine those unhelpful things washing away, and leaving you ready to face the month ahead with a clear mind and enthusiasm.

Have a blessed New Moon everyone.

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