Monday, 5 October 2020

Samhain thoughts - Types of Ancestor

As we head into the darker half of the year and the veil between world of Matter and world of Spirit thins, I am being drawn to spend time thinking about, communicating with, and honouring my ancestors.

This is a time where I feel them more strongly; there is a very clear pull from them, and to them. Veneration of one’s ancestors is an ancient practice that is found in cultures all over Earth. By remembering and honouring our ancestors we not only keep their memories and stories alive, but we reestablish the connection of who we are to our own selves.

We often think of ancestors as being those we are related to by birth, but there are several types of ancestor.

Familial Ancestors
These are the ancestors we are related to, share DNA with, or are members of our family due to marriage or choice. They may be recent relatives or individuals from generations back. They may be step family or adoptive family.

Spiritual Ancestors
These are the witches, shamans, and magicians that walked before us. They are past members of our covens, they are gurus, or teachers. They have spiritual significance to your path or tradition in some way. As a Reiki Practitioner I include Mikao Usui, a man who taught Reiki to over 2000 people, as one of my Spiritual Ancestors.

Land-based Ancestors
These are the people who lived in our houses, villages, towns, cities and even countries. The energy of their beliefs, festivals, habits, deeds, trials, and tribulations are imprinted on the land forever.

Animal Ancestors
I’m including animal spirits in my list because we should not forget the animals that walk upon the earth beside us, be them indigenous animals, pets or familiars.

Who do you count amongst your Ancestors?

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