Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Honing your Intuition

My intuition never lets me down, and has kept me safe over the years. I believe that we all have intuition. Here are my tips for honing it.

Be Open
The first step to honing your intuition is making the intention that you are going to use it.

Pay Attention
Once you are open to the idea of listening to your intuition, it’s time to pay attention to it. Listen to your body, and notice any “strange” feelings that you experience with people or situations. Intuition is like muscle; the more you pay attention to it, the stronger and more toned it becomes.

Be Aware
I watch the world around me, and I often notice patterns in people’s behaviour. I pay attention to my environment. This is all information for the brain, and I believe that subconsciously we often picking up on tiny clues as a result of these observations. Pay attention to your world, it makes all the difference.

Do your Shadow Work
By accepting and loving ourselves we are able to use our energy and minds for other tasks, and consequently we are much more susceptible to receiving higher messages.

Take up Divination 
Learn a divination method, such as tarot. It helps trigger the intuitive part of your brain. When you are using divination listen to the thoughts and feelings coming into your head. Are any of them urgent in nature? What does it feel like if you ignore them? What does it feel like if you pay attention?

Connect with your Higher Self via Meditation 
Meditation is a great tool for tapping in to your inner voice, it calms the brain, allowing it to function better.

Pay Attention to your Dreams
They give us clues on how we are thinking and feeling, and sometimes they carry messages and warnings. Pay attention to them.

Don’t Stress
I liken good intuition to being in a “flow state”. Don’t stress or try to force it, that will only hinder the process.

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