Wednesday, 11 November 2020

The Magical Correspondences of Mushrooms

Disclaimer: this article is about the SYMBOLIC nature of mushrooms in spells and rituals. You must never ingest (eat) mushrooms unless you are sure of the type. If you are unsure about collecting or picking mushrooms please enlist the help of an expert.

Mushrooms come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and as such some are conducive to magickal practice.


 ✨🍄 Chanterelle 🍄✨
Abundance, happiness, house warming, fertility, joy.

🚫☠️ Death Cap ☠️🚫
According to folklore, a Death Cap picked under the New Moon has its roots in the Underworld. Associated with binding, curses, hexing, but also abundance and joy.

🚫☠️ Fly Agaric ☠️🚫
Associated with astral travel, divination, forest matters, the Fae, hexes, protection, psychic ability.

🚫☠️ Liberty Caps ☠️🚫
A magical amplifier, Liberty Caps are associated with creativity, and are metaphorical for the night, stars.

✨🍄 Oyster Mushroom 🍄✨
Aphrodisiac, emotional healing, forgiveness, lust and love.

✨🍄 Saffron Milk Cap 🍄✨
Change, cleansing, growth, healing, honesty, justice, strength.

✨🍄 Shiitake Mushroom 🍄✨
Earth, fertility, good health, grounding, healing, strength, virility, youthfulness.

✨🍄 True Morels 🍄✨
According to folklore the Fae and other elementals make homes in the Morel’s small holes. Used for breaking curses, Fey magick, glamour magick, necromancy, protection, and spirit work.

Do you use mushrooms in your Craft?

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