Sunday, 24 January 2021

Reading Witchology Magazine and pondering community...

An open copy of Witchology Magazine showing a cabin and a story by Miss Snow

I’m reading @witchologymag this morning, and pondering the power of community after reading recent posts by @marget.inglis_witchcraft and @thewitchesstone

I leave you with a poem from my journal entry today:

Whenever the blues, they come to stay,
You can, with a nudge, gently chase them away;
A call to the Sun, the sky, the flowers!
A call to invoke your personal powers!
Of happiness, strength, and kindness be,
when you’re trapped in a dark, encircling sea,
hold out your hand to others in need,
find peace and calm, and joy indeed. 
Tap into the magick, in your heart it shall be;
Give love and Be love.
So Mote it Be.

If you are struggling right now please be sure to reach out.

Fabulous short story by @thewildmoongarden

© Original content; repost with clear, written credits. @the_cemetery_witch

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