Monday, 25 January 2021

Snow Magick

It’s been snowing for hours! I haven’t seen snow like this for many years, it’s makes me so happy!

It’s not something I tend to do in my practice - because I rarely see it! - but you can use snow in your spell work. Collect in a plastic bag and store in the freezer.

Here are some suggestions:

☃️ Make a snowman and use him or her as a magickal guardian. Build him or her near the entrance of your home.

❄️ Add a cup of clean snow to a ritual bath for purification.

⛄️ Write the name of someone who is bothering you on a slip of paper and pack it in snow. Freeze it until they “chill out”.

❄️ Form bad habits into snowballs and throw them away from you.

☃️ Write something good you’d like on a piece of paper, roll into a ball, and then keep rolling until your intention gets bigger and bigger.

❄️ Place snow in a jar and when it melts you have “snow water” - leave out under the moon to make snowy moon water.

Do you like the snow? Do you see it where you live every year? Do you use it in your practice? Maybe you hate the stuff!? What do you think?

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