Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Some thoughts on Social Media

The Cemetery Witch's husband standing by a stone at Avebury Stone Circle wearing a headdress and Viking clothes

A beautiful picture of my beautiful husband on our hand-fasting. Right?

Yesterday a fantastic post about aesthetic and witchcraft by @marget.inglis_witchcraft got me thinking, and my brain strayed down the path of Social Media and the current situation.

Like a lot of places in the world, things aren’t brilliant in the U.K. Due to coronavirus, we have in excess of 70,000 deaths and have just gone back down into lockdown for possibly another three months. This is impacting people in many, vary serious ways; but especially on peoples’ mental health.

I want to remind you that Social Media is a place where people put their best foot forward, are sharing the things that are helping to elevate their own mood, or their businesses. It is not always indicative of real life.

Whilst my account truthfully reflects the person that I am and the things that interest me, giving me an opportunity to play with my love of colour, I want to remind you that behind the account there’s a human being, just like you.

Like many others, my account doesn’t show you the boring day to day shit. It doesn’t show you the gripes and moans about walking through the house with wet shoes on after I’ve just cleaned the floor. It doesn’t show you my unhealthy obsession with My Singing Monsters, a game designed for 8 year old boys. 😂 It doesn’t show you the laughter where I open my big mouth really widely, making me look like Zippy from Rainbow, showing all my wonky teeth.

It doesn’t show you the currently very regular ugly-crying, where I’m getting snot all over my husband’s shirt. 🙈 Sure, I have a fantastic life, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have challenges. The long list of chronic health conditions that I’m finding hard right now, the life-saving and life-enhancing medication that I’m struggling to get because of Brexit, the daughter I’m missing because she lives with her dad many hours away, my lack of financial stability because of my health. The arguments I have with my husband because of certain external forces, the challenges we face as a couple, his extremely stressful job. This is real life: the list goes on!

Remember this as you navigate the internet, and remember it’s ok to not be ok right now. 

If all you’re achieving right now is managing to get up and eat, that’s a WIN. If you’ve managed to cross something off your to-do list today, that’s a WIN. If all the kids are alive at the end of the day, that’s a WIN. If you’ve managed not to murder your husband today, that’s a WIN.

I’ll also mention here that I’m not in the camp who believes you should master something new in lockdown - a new language, a new hobby, a fitness regime, weight loss, writing a book, reading ten new books, new skills in the kitchen - BOLLOCKS.

If you do manage any of these things, that’s amazing! But if the next few months are focused only on survival that’s OK. 

Please be kind to yourselves. We’re still midwinter and there are more tough days ahead. 💚💚💚

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