Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Having a Childlike Mindset During Spell Casting

Spells & How They Work book by Janet & Stewart Farrar held in a hand with a view of Oakham cemetery behind

There is a wonderful quote in this book ~ Spells and How They Work by Janet & Stewart Farrar ~ from Susa Morgan Black, where she stresses the importance of a childlike frame of mind during spell-working:

“In their minds, children can make anything happen; and sometimes, what the children play at, actually manifests itself in their life. This has happened to me many, many times... Little by little we are discouraged and belittled out of that state of mind, in order to Grow Up. I feel that magic is a return to that wondrous state that “anything can happen”, and that frame of mind is the one we seek to create magick. The closer we can come to that mindset, the more effective our rituals and spells become.”

I’m outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air this morning, whilst pondering this quote. What do you enjoy that is considered childlike? Do you remember to return to this frame of mind during spell-casting?

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