Wednesday, 17 February 2021

My Plant Allies

The prompt for the 16th was “My Plant Allies”. 🌿

One of my plant allies is Elderflower, which is a hugely magickal plant, and which I can’t wait to see flower again. I call her the “Plant of Preparation”. When I see those beautiful cream flowers at the start of the summer I am reminded that there are Midsummer celebrations to plan, and when I see the dark purple-black berries in the autumn I am reminded that winter is not too far away.

Elderflower features as card no.15 in the Herbs & Flowers Oracle Cards deck @herbsandflowersoraclecards by @taurus_tells who were kind enough to send me one of their beautiful decks (thank you πŸ’•).

Their beautiful little guidebook says of Elderflower:

“There is a longing to be released from restrictive patterns, people and groups. Showing a new side to the world could confuse a lot of people, but as long as it feels right, it really does not matter what they think. There is no holding back under this vibration, so no fear as boundaries are pushed with a new start and life is lived in the way and style chosen.”

Wise words indeed.

I can’t wait to get to know my herbs and flowers better using this charming deck. It has information and folklore for each plant, as well as a divinatory message and astrological associations. Flick through to the next picture to get a better look. 🌿🌸

DAY 10 - #100daysofwitchcraft

Know Thy World Mini Challenge #witchwithme
February 16th: My Plant Allies

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