Wednesday, 17 February 2021

My Witchy Path

Bowls of trinkets, herbs and crystals in shades of blue

“My Witchy Path” was the prompt for the 13th, and so I spent some time thinking what this looks like. If I had to choose the witchy “box” that looks and feels most comfortable for my witchy practice it would be Traditional Witchcraft, however there is no escaping that with taking (and leaving!) what I like, “Eclectic Witch” fits the bill, too.

Learning about the customs, celebrations, superstitions and lives of the people who walked this land previously is really important to me, as is veneration of these land-based ancestors, and those of my family. Learning about plants and herbs, but especially those within my local landscape is really important; as is learning to cook seasonally, for nutrition and celebration.

I have floated between group and solitary practice over the years; through necessity and by choice. Currently I am enjoying working alone and learning more about myself.

I’m a very practical (and perfectionist!) witch, so my Grimoire is a large ring binder that I have added to, and subtracted from, over the last 20 years. I have enjoyed updating and modernising it recently.

My practice is flexible and ever-evolving. I adore the support, joy and appreciation it gives me in my everyday life. This practice is mine to cultivate, love and enjoy.

If you feel so inclined, tell me what you love about your craft.


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