Sunday, 28 February 2021

Using Salt in Witchcraft

A bowl of salt surrounded by witchy candles and crystals

“Salt! Salt! I put thee into the fire, and may the person who has bewitched me neither eat, drink, nor sleep, until the spell has been broken”.

In the 19th Century it was believed that the power of a witch could be destroyed by sprinkling salt into the fire nine mornings in succession.

There’s an old folk saying “salt does what you tell it to”. Salt is commonly used in Witchcraft, it has endless uses.

White Salt is often used for circle casting (indoors only!), cleansing and purification.
🥣 Some use it to represent Earth as it is a mineral and can be found on Earth. 
🥣 Some use it to represent Water as it also comes from the sea
🥣 Leave it in a bowl on a windowsill under a Full Moon to charge it
🥣 Check your salt - salt with added Iodine is considered impure for ritual use

Pink Salt is often used for purification, protection, and spiritual awareness. 
🥣 Use for ritual bathing
🥣 Use in magick pertaining to love, friendship, harmony, romance, emotional healing, spiritual healing, devotion, faith, self-love and compassion
🥣 Use it to remove unwanted love spells or love curses
🥣 Beware that pink salt can sometimes stain

Black salt is often used for banishing, protection, repelling negative and toxic energy. 
🥣Sprinkle on to your doorstep to keep away negative energy and unwanted guests
🥣 Keep a small bag under your pillow for protection at night
🥣 Use around the home to dispel negativity
🥣 Add to spring water for scrying during the Dark Moon 
🥣 Use in spells for protection from known enemies 
🥣 Hide a small bag in the office or workplace to absorb anger, moodiness and gossip

You can make black salt easily by using charcoal, salt, incense ash and other magickal materials such as herbs. Each witch has their own preferred recipe usually.

Do you use salt in your practice? Do you use all three colours?

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