Thursday, 25 February 2021

Witches I Love

A selection of Instagram witches displayed in a blue grid

(From the 20th February) 

Today’s prompt over on Instagram is “Witches Who Inspire Me”, and this is a really tough one, because I can honestly say, hand-on-heart, that every single Witch on here is inspiring in some way.

I’ve picked four amazing witches you should check out (sorry for nicking your pictures guys! 🙈) 

Daniel @theanimist_ for his beautiful and insightful page and posts

Gabi @wiccawolfie for her friendship, kindness and her gorgeous Scandinavian page

Aunt Carla @marielizzeau for her wonderful magick and positivity

Inbaal @inbaalpsychic for her amazing tarot reading and beautiful smile

There are simply too many to mention ~ sorry if I’ve missed you out 😭 - but other accounts you should definitely check out are:


I’d also like to give a nod to my lovely husband who lurks on Instagram and who has a magick all of his own 💙

If you’re not following these guys go check them out! 

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