Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Aromafume Incense Brick Burner Review

Aromafume brick incense burner situated next to two mortar and pestles alongside some herbs

I’m really grateful to the guys at Aromafume for sending me this incense brick burner and Nag Champa incense - thank you.

I’ve never tried an incense brick burner before as I usually burn hand-blended incense I’ve made myself, or joss sticks. I have to say I was really delighted with it, and so was my husband, and we’ll continue using it.


The incense brick goes on top, and a tealight goes inside the burner. The burner itself is only small, but to be honest, it doesn’t really need to be any bigger. This makes it really convenient for putting it just about anywhere. This one has a gorgeous Tree of Life punched out of the metal, which lights up when the candle is lit, and the whole thing sits on a lovely wooden base.

The idea of this burner is smokeless incense, which is really ingenious! This would be absolutely perfect for meditation, yoga, therapy sessions or classes, when you’d like to scent the room with incense, but don’t want to breathe in smoke, or don’t want to worry about smoke bothering others. I wish I’d had this burner when I had my holistic therapy clinic.

The instructions say that each incense brick lasts for 1 hour, but they actually burn for much longer, more like two to three hours if you turn them over. There is no ash to clean up or dispose of, the brick goes neatly in the bin, which is fantastic, and the aroma lingers for ages, which I’m really impressed with.

I went on to Aromafume’s website and they’re a Fair Trade-focused company which does not test on animals, does not involve animal testing in any of their processes, and they’re committed to not harming the environment with their products or manufacturing processes.

We have used one box of bricks already and will need to purchase some more soon.

We really loved this, thank you Aromafume!

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