Thursday, 4 March 2021

Creating a Forest Altar

A path through some evergreen trees in a forest

Yesterday’s prompt for the hashtag challenge was “Forests & Trees” and it got me thinking about the witchy things you can forage from the forest floor for use in spells and on altars:

🌿 Acorns 
🌿 Oak Galls 
🌿 Pinecones
🌿 Conkers 
🌿 Feathers
🌿 Ferns 
🌿 Rowan berries 
🌿 Leaves 
🌿 Twigs
🌿 Nuts 
🌿 Antlers
🌿 Bones 
🌿 Fur
🌿 Moss 
🌿 Stones

Remember to always follow the Countryside Code - respect others, protect the natural environment, and enjoy the outdoors.

To create a Forest Altar add to your foraged items:
🌿 Potted plants 
🌿 Shades of green and brown 
🌿 Deity statues, for example Herne the Hunter, Elen of the Ways 
🌿 Altar cloth with forest/trees/leaves/mushroom print 
🌿 Forest sounds - birds singing, wind blowing, rainforest, thunderstorms and rain
🌿 Green, brown and cream candles 
🌿 Table top fountain
🌿 Wooden candle holders and incense holders 
🌿 Green and brown crystals for example tiger’s eye and moss agate 
🌿 Musky incense such as sandalwood or patchouli

Have I forgotten anything? If so let me know in the comments! And if you found this post helpful don’t forget to Save it in the folder for later.

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