Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham

Cunningham's Magical Aromatherapy book surrounded by herbs and a mortar and pestle

I’m sharing Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham, which has a foreword by Robert Tisserand.

This is a fantastic book which merges Aromatherapy with magickal practice. It has lots of useful lists at the back, for example affinities of essential oils with crystals, aromas of the elements, and many more magickal correspondences.

As a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist and Witch I was overjoyed to find this. Robert Tisserand is the founder of the Tisserand Institute, the leading organisation of research and education in the art and practice of Aromatherapy. To find a book by one of my favourite magickal authors and endorsed by one of the world’s leading experts is very special indeed.

I wholeheartedly support the use of essential oils for their many wonderful benefits, but essential oils can also be dangerous if not used properly, especially when used therapeutically.

🌸 Using Essential Oils Safely 🌸

💚 If anointing candles please dilute essential oils in a carrier oil before use. Dilution should always be 2% or less.

💚 Never use oils neat on the skin. Lavender and Tea Tree oil are exceptions, but can still cause skin irritation.

💚 Never ingest essential oils unless being directed to do so by a qualified aromatherapist, herbalist or naturopath. Oils that are safe used topically can be toxic, or even deadly, when ingested.

💚 With the exception of Lavender oil, avoid essential oil use in pregnancy (unless being directed by a Clinical Aromatherapist).

💚 Never use essential oils with children or babies (unless being directed by a Clinical Aromatherapist).

💚 If diffusing essential oils do so away from pets. Whilst many oils are safe, many are toxic or deadly to domestic animals.

💚 Never give out essential oil advice unless you are a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist, and always seek professional advice if looking to use essential oils therapeutically. Essential oils have the ability to lower/higher blood pressure, trigger epilepsy, asthma, and depressive episodes; and they can be fetotoxic or phototoxic.

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