Tuesday, 2 March 2021


Fresh rosemary next to a bowl of dried rosemary and a mortar and pestle

Today’s prompt for the @witch.with.me hashtag challenge is “Essential Herbs” and first to mind is Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis).

Rosemary is a herb of cognition and mental power. Inhaling rosemary oil helps prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a brain chemical important for cognition, concentration, and memory. In counteracting forgetfulness, boosting the memory, and helping concentration, it aids mental clarity.

Used as a funerary herb placed at the gravesite it reminds that the departed will never be forgotten, and used in bouquets or headdresses for weddings it reminds betrothed lovers that there is a timeless bond between them. We were given the gift of rosemary at our handfasting, bound with red ribbon.

Medicinally, rosemary stimulates the circulation, reduces stress, calms the nervous system and lifts the spirit, especially at a time of grief. Historically it has been used to cleanse the air in sick rooms, and in healing rituals.

🪴🪴 Rosemary Magickal Correspondences 🪴🪴

Rosemary Associations: 
🌿 Love 
🌿 Loyalty 
🌿 Protection 
🌿 Healing 
🌿 Purification
🌿 Youth 
🌿 Memory and mental powers 
🌿 Exorcism 
🌿 Sleep

🌿 Masculine

🌿 The Sun

🌿 Fire

Sacred to: 
🌿 Venus 
🌿 Aphrodite 
🌿 Hebe 
🌿 The Virgin Mary

Using Rosemary: 
🌿 Grow it by the front door for protection 
🌿 Place under pillow to help remember dreams 
🌿 Stuff into healing poppets 
🌿 Wear it when studying to improve memory 
🌿 Add it to incense blends for home cleansing 
🌿 Use in ritual baths
🌿 Make herbal water for cleansing scared spaces 
🌿 Use in spells related to memory or retaining youth

Note: Rosemary should not be used medicinally by pregnant women. Consult a qualified Herbalist/Clinical Aromatherapist when using herbs/essential oils medicinally, and never use essential oils neat on the skin.

What’s your favourite herb? Which herbs do you consider essential? Which herbs do you grow at home?

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