Wednesday, 10 March 2021

Today’s Tarot Reading

The Eye Tarot card traditionally the Five of Pentacles by the Hide Tarot surrounded by runes

Previously we had the Four of Pentacles, asking us to examine our relationship with money. This card highlights the fact that we might have a lack mindset, or as a result of financial loss or hardship might be moving towards developing one. Often we ended up sabotaging our ability to create abundance, financial or otherwise, because we’re so focused on what we don’t have, that we don’t see what we DO have. If that’s the case it’s a good idea to start a daily gratitude list; writing down everything we are happy with, or grateful for. Pretty soon the blessings will stack up, and the stagnant energy blocking us from moving forwards, or attracting more, will shift.

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Deck: The Hide Tarot @hide.tarot 

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